Aug 8, 2014

Party On! Top 5 Summer Party Themes for Kids

Whether it's because of your child's birthday or as a way to combat the dreaded declaration of "I'm bored," summer parties offer up endless possibilities. With beautiful weather and the added outdoor space to utilize, you can make a mess, invite more friends and have more fun during the warmer summer months. Of course, you don't want to throw just another party – you want to throw a bash that is truly memorable. Try one of these fun and original party themes on for size and your child is bound to love it.

Pirates and Princesses

It's official: All kids dream of being either a pirate or a princess. Having both characters at your party means that everyone can come dressed up in their fave party gown or their swashbuckling gear. But costumes aren't the only fun way to spend time at your Pirates and Princesses party. From playing a game of Damsel in Distress (hide and seek) or gobbling up roasted pig (hot dogs) your little ones can channel their inner pirates and princesses. You could even have pool noodle sword fights and declare a pirate captain and queen!

Beach Party Theme

Just because you're without a pool doesn't mean you can't have a summer beach party. In fact, getting out the sprinklers, kiddie pools and tarps can create just as much – if not more – water fun than having a pool. Ask all the kids to come in their beach party best, and you can play in the water, have a water balloon fight and even a sandcastle building contest in a contained sandbox. Just don't forget the sunscreen and snacks!

Art Attack

Your kids always seem to make a mess – why not let them with an art attack party theme? Huge rolls of butcher paper tacked up onto easels make ideal canvases for little artists. Make sure each child brings a smock that can get dirty, and you supply the paints and tons of fun painting tools. From brushes to stamps, sponges and anything you can pull out of your kitchen cupboards, the kids will love having free reign to make a mess right in your own backyard. Then, clean up and head inside for some paint-inspired brightly frosted cupcakes.

Drive-In Movie

If you're completely sick of all the same old party themes, try something completely original: A drive-in movie theme. Start by collecting as many large boxes as there are children. When the kids arrive, challenge them to make their own cars using construction paper, paper plates, glue, scissors and other materials. You can then drag those cute cars outside, where you set them in front of a movie screen (you can rent one or hang up a sheet) for a real movie night when it gets dark. Pass around the popcorn and the kids will love watching from their cars.

Campout Party Theme

Who doesn't love a campout, complete with tents, s'mores and naturally, a little bug spray? Even if the kids aren't planning to stay overnight, you can party while it gets dark by having a campfire – or at least lighting a fire in the fireplace or lighting a few candles if you can't have a campfire. Roast marshmallows and tell all the scary stories you remember while the kids hang out in their sleeping bags. It's a fun way to enjoy those last few nights of summer by filling them with memories.

Throwing a summer party means you can really think outside the box and come up with party themes that create meaningful memories for everyone involved. Surprise your kids by planning a party full of fun and sun.

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