Aug 12, 2014

Fun and Flirty Thirty: How to Make a 30th Birthday Memorable

As far as birthdays go, turning 30 can be one of the most difficult. It's when you officially wave goodbye to your fun and fancy free days of young adulthood and head straight into what might seem like a duller way of life. But 30 doesn't have to be a negative birthday! Whether you're the one celebrating or you're planning a party for someone else, there are ways to make 30 the best birthday yet. Try some of these 30th birthday party ideas and you might find that 30 suits you after all.

Bucket List

Milestone birthday s are a great way to take stock of how far you've come, where you are now and where you plan to be in the future. Why not take the opportunity to cross something off of your bucket list – your list of things that you'd love to accomplish during your life. Hey, you might not ever get another chance to go skydiving, ride a mechanical bull, perform improve or go to the hot spot restaurant everyone is talking about, so do it as a way to celebrate your years.

Themed Bash 30th Birthday Party Ideas

Go big or go home! If you really want to ring in your 30th year with a bang, throw – or plan for a friend – huge themed birthday party, completed with costumes, d├ęcor and a menu that goes with the theme. We love the idea of a 30th birthday Gatsby bash, complete with period-style clothing, plenty of champagne flutes, art nouveau decor and of course, Jazz pumping through the speakers. It's an elegant yet outrageous way to greet your 30s in style.

Taking a Trip

If you're not really one to throw a party or make a grand gesture, perhaps the idea of taking a 30th birthday trip suits you more. Planning a trip – whether it's traveling the globe or exploring an area in your own backyard – can help put things in perspective, unwind and relax as you enter your 30th year. Hey, there's something to be said for 30th birthday parties that involve little more than a tropical drink and toes in the sand.

30 Reasons Why

If you're looking for 30th birthday party ideas for a friend, consider throwing a "30 Reasons Why" themed party that reminds your pal just why everyone loves him or her. Invite at least 30 guests and have them prepared with a gift and a short speech that explains why that person loves the honoree. It'll be a special night for the group to share a night reminiscing and talking about what makes that birthday honoree so special to them in their lives.

Photo Booth Party

Even if your 30th year doesn't look as good as your 21st, you'll still want to save the memories so you can remember one day. Renting a photo booth doesn't cost much, and is a great way to commemorate your 30th birthday. Of course, you can combine it with other 30th birthday party ideas, but make sure you include plenty of props for guests to dress up and get crazy as they snap shots in honor of the big day. You can give guests copies, but make sure you keep a copy for each so you can scrapbook them later on.

While turning 30 might not be the most exciting birthday you've ever had, there's no need to brush it under the rug or ignore the occasion. With the right 30th birthday party ideas, you can ring in that year with a huge bang and prove to everyone that it's bound to be your best.

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