Jun 27, 2014

School Holiday Fun!

It's the school holidays and the kids are on break for 2 weeks! Stumped on activities that aren't video games or TV? Here are some fun ideas on how to spend these school holidays.

Host a Onesie Pajama Party

If there's one thing kids love, its dressing up! Zebra's, dinosaurs, ponies, there are a great selection of Onesies to choose from. Put on their favorite Disney movie with some popcorn and hot chocolate for a snug night in.

For these cute Onesies and more visit: Costumebox Onesies

Caramel Nutella Popcorn

Shake up the usual popcorn into something more exciting with this Caramel Nutella Popcorn recipe. This is the perfect treat for a slumber party. Mouth watering delicious gooey caramel popcorn drizzled with Nutella. 

Find the Recipe Here.

Arts and Crafts

Handy crafts are a great way to get your kids creativity flowing. Here are a few arts and crafts activities that are a great way to spend the afternoon. All you need is some string, glue and popscicle sticks!

Woolly Polar Bear


  • A ball of white yarn
  • 1x 5cm Styrofoam ball 
  • 1x toilet roll
  • Small piece of white felt or card
  • 2x googly craft eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencils
For more of these kooky craft animals, visit: Kids Cute Animal Crafts 

DIY Friendship Bracelets

This is an old classic, grab some coloured string and you're set to go!  Click here for instructions on a Step by step easy friendship bracelet. 

Baking with Kids

Baking is always a fantastic activity for kids and at the end they are rewarded with their own sweet creation!

Here are some easy yet delicious recipes to try with your child:

Maple Pecan Baked Apples

Healthy yet delicious these are perfect for brunch or afternoon tea!

Click here for the recipe: Maple Pecan Baked Apples

No Bake Chocolate and Coconut Cookies

Let your kids imagination run wild when decorating these delicious cookies! 

Find the recipe here: No Bake Chocolate and Coconut Cookies 

At the cinemas  

This school holidays at the cinemas they are screening two great movies for kids, How to Train Your Dragon 2 and The Fairy Pirate How to Train Your Dragon was a much loved hit when it was released in 2010 and there has been much hype about the 2nd movie. The story is set in the mythical world of Vikings and wild dragons. How to Train Your Dragon 2 takes you on another adventure with Hiccup and his dragon Toothless. 

Watch the trailer below:


The Fairy Pirate, centers on the much loved Disney character Tinkerbell and her fairy friends. The pirate and fairy world collide as Zarina runs away with a band of pirates and Tinkerbell and the fairies must set out to save their friend.

Watch the trailer below:

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