Feb 1, 2013

Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Need a party idea for Valentine’s Day? Are you single and just see it as another day and don’t really want to see everyone all loved up and smooching? Well the best way to do that is to throw a party, get loose and maybe find love!

Traffic Light Party

A great party idea and to really know who’s available without having a big sign on your head is throwing a traffic light party! All you need to do is invite loads of people and tell them to come in either:  Red = Taken. Amber = Undecided. Green = Single – according to there ‘relationship’ status. Easy.

RED: I’m taken but…


Amber: Call me maybe…


Green: I’M SINGLE. Go.

- BYO mate party -

A great way to meet others and mingle is a BYO mate party where everyone brings a mate or a member of the opposite sex that they just wouldn’t date for whatever reason, get them all together in one room and bob’s your uncle. There might be some awkward silences, match making, hook ups, it’s kinda like speed dating but more fun.


Nothing sets the mood better then some good music, and for this kind of party you don’t really want any awkward “I’m just going to sit in the corner” music on, you want ‘get your butt on the dancefloor’ choons!
Maybe later on in the evening when people have had a few and have opened up, pop this classic on and see what happens…

- Chocolate Tasting Party -

We all know that chocolate can satisfy more than any man can, so why not celebrate the best love affair you have by throwing a chocolate party!


Invites set the mood for any party, so why not make a special personalized chocolate party invitation to get them salivating at the thought of it.

Chocolate Cocktails:

Drink is good, chocolate is good = drink with chocolate, VERY good. Why not get creative and come up with some special drinks to get everyone in the mood.

- Chocolate Cherry Baileys -

1/2 oz coffee liqueur (such as Kahlua)
1/2 oz grenadine (red)
1/2 oz Irish cream
Mixing instructions:
Begin with a layer of red grenadine, slip on a layer of Kahlua and top with a tasty layer of Irish cream liqueur.
See more ideas here.


The best times are mid-afternoon or mid-evening. The timing should be one to two hours after you’ve had lunch or dinner and are no longer hungry, but have had ample time to digest and are ready to taste.


Red and gold are great Valentines colours, and why not set up a tasting table with all different types of chocolate with score cards so your guests can rate them, kind of like speed dating but this one your always guaranteed a bittersweet ending.

- Fantasy Party -

Have you ever pretended that your boyfriend is Johnny Depp and you have an amazing life together? No? Ok just me.  Well now you can see everyone’s fantasy by asking all your guests to come as who they most desire.

Costume Ideas:

 Everyone has a crush on a musician of some kind whether it’s Justin Bieber or Meat Loaf.
Superheros are always sexy, none more so than Wonderwoman!
Firemen are sexy and are a lot of women’s fantasies of a perfect man, because of the heroism of the profession and of course the hot bod.


- Uniform Party -

Everyone looks good in uniform, style and humor is the beat of this gig-make it a uniform theme where doctorspilotscheerleadersfireman and sailors all have the same job-having fun…Strippers shouldn’t be the only ones who get to masquerade as police officers and firemen right?


Why not book a room in a club for the night where you can host your own party? If you have a lots of people you could probably get away with some freebies or exclusive treatment being the professionals you are.


Let people know what’s going down, send out an e-vite and tell everyone to get in touch with there inner professional and get loose for the night. Why not throw in a prize for the best dressed too, that’s something to put on your CV.

Don’t worry about the decor:

At this party your mates will be the decor, you want eye candy, drinks and food. Why not ask one of your beefcake mates to dress as a bouncer for the night, frisky – hey it’s my job to frisk!

We hope you have LOVEly Valentine’s Day, love from Costume Box :)

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