Jun 25, 2012

Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Sydney 2012

Supanova Pop Culture Expo - Sydney 2012.

In being where so many Australians wear costumes, the 2012 Supanova Pop Culture Expo seemed the ideal event to share with everyone an insight into where Australia buys costumes – Costume Box. At Costume Box we are dedicated to providing the most extensive range of adult’s, men’s, women’s, children’s costumes and accessories to all Australians; along with our happiness guarantee, authentic customer service and customer product satisfaction from an easy-to-use online marketplace. We are here to make your online costume shopping experience one filled with fun, and enjoyment, which will make you want to come back for more. After all you can never have too many costumes.

Returning to Sydney for its 10th annual showing, Supanova brought to Olympic Park a stellar array of anime, sci-fi, comic, literary, gaming and film related curiosities for the fanatic attendees to enjoy. Autograph signing stars such as Verne Troyer (Dr. Evil’s Mini-Me), seminars from author Matthew Reilly, live wrestling and rare comic displays consisted just some of the bizarre attractions that were our Supanova weekend. Such an event brings with it tides of enthusiasts keen to show off, search for or simply witness the wondrous creativity of costumes and cosplay, hence our willingness to attend and expose the Costume Box brand. With a range that covers so many facets of pop-culture, Costume Box felt it necessary to permeate the anime and comic-con market, allowing such fans access to costumes and accessories previously unavailable to them – all below standard retail prices.

In order to be noticed at Supanova we were required to rent a small booth from which we would run the weekend’s operations. Bannered with Costume Box insignia and secured by a terrifying animatronic Jason Vorhees, the booth was noticeably intriguing to everybody around. Attraction was also achieved through the display of a selection of supreme collector’s edition Star Wars, Batman and Cinderella costumes worn by our staff, who, by Sunday afternoon, had learned the true meaning of the word sweat. People loved the display and many took the opportunity to photograph themselves with our sith and cindy adorned staff, our professional photographer Rique uploading all the photos to facebook so people could tag and share their snaps with us with ease. The costumes on display were up for grabs for a lucky member of the crowd; the simple ballot-box competition was inundated with entries and the fortunate man drawn waltzed away equipped with a Supreme Edition Chewbacca costume. We also ran a number of ‘Where’s Wally’ competitions over the weekend through facebook and twitter, a $100 gift-voucher offered to anyone who found the sly Costume Box Wally somewhere among the colourful mass.

The constant crowds kept octane fairly maximumed all weekend, the fevering aisles meant that a simple journey to the cafeteria was plagued with several minutes of careful treading and muffled apologies, much to the benefit of all the stalls’ occupants. The atmosphere was at all times abuzz, with giveaways, competitions and live acts occurring constantly over the two days – our own stall heavily involved in the chaos. Respite came in the form of giant bean bags for the crew, with the ‘LoveSac’ display directly opposite our own, many a member reclining from time to time atop one of their luxurious lumps.

On the whole the weekend was a success not only for the costume box brand, but also for our crew, who themselves bagged goodies either purchased or won, dabbled in their own nerdy passions and had an awesome time. A sincere thanks to all who attended and supported booth 60, not only did you all help us achieve our goals but you also provided us with a tremendous of a weekend. See you there next year!!! 

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