Jun 8, 2012

Top 8 Supanova Survival Tips

Brisbane Supanova cue to enter. Where's Mr. Whippy when you need him?
Supanova has been growing in popularity in Australia, and if the the attendance numbers out of Brisbane are any reflection of what's in store for the Sydney show on June 15-17, it could be massive! This is one event definitely worth lining up for, with exhibitors from all over the globe, plenty of special appearances, and a host of events that will keep you entertained. To help you make the most of your day at Supanova, we've put together a list of survival tips. See you there!

Top 10 Supanova Survival Tips:

1. Leave the Car at Home. Public transportation is definitely the way to go when heading to Olympic Park. Buses and trains run right to the front of the Sydney Showground. Use Google Maps to plan your trip, or check out the SOP website, which has a handy map tool:

2.. The Early Bird Gets the Worm. Buy your tickets in advance online at FoxTix for Supanova. And be sure to get there early before the crowds. You'll have the opportunity to scope things out without and so many people crowding around, and get a plan for the rest of your day. Check the itinerary of events and plan your walking around time to fit into the scheduled events you want to catch.

3. Be Combat Ready. Take a back-pack, a bottle for water, and a few snacks. There are food vendors there, but having a stash on you is always handy. Dress in layers in case it gets hot, which is inevitable with a big crowd. Maybe even bring a pair of shorts or wear them in if it isn't too cold out. Also, charge your phone before you go, put your tickets somewhere safe.

4. Cash Is King. There will be ATM's available, but you can guess what the line-up will be like for them. Do yourself a favour, hit the bank-o up before you head inside the venue. Some retailers will have debit and credit card systems set-up, especially if they deal in larger ticket items, but for getting a slab of pizza, picking up the latest edition of Incredible Hulk #8, bring a few pineapples ($50's).

5. Pick A Spot. If you are going with someone else, or a group of friends, pick a meeting spot as soon as you get inside with a time to meet-up in case you get separated. You will all surely have mobile phones to keep in touch, but it's always good to have a back-up plan in case someones phone dies or service is sketchy.

6. Take a Break. Plan a time-out to catch your breath, rest your feet, and have a spot of food. Keep in mind that we are creatures of routine, so everyone is likely to be hitting up the food vendors between 11:30am-1:30pm.... try and work outside these times to minimize your waiting time. Or better yet, pack your own lunch!

7. Pack a Phone Charger. If you are going to be there all day and expect to blog from your mobile or will be tweeting and facebooking lots, having a charger in your bag of tricks might be a wise move. Finding a spot to plug in might give you the chance to catch up a break from the crowds and rest up.

8. Share the Love. Remember those that can't be there and want to know what's going on! Be sure to Tweet lots of posts of what's going on, pics of cool stuff, and

Oh ya, one more sneaky thing to do...

9. Check out the CostumeBox.com.au booth (#60) and say g'day to the crew! We'll be showing off some of our Collector Edition Costumes and raffling off some sweet goodies, and doing photo opps!

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