May 28, 2012

Pirate Theme - How to get the ultimate Pirate look.

Getting the ultimate Pirate look.

The Pirate theme is probably one of the most popular themes and when going to a pirate party just added the appropriate make up or accessories can make such a difference in making your whole costume and look the best at the costume party. 

Ahoy, I'm a great Pirate Captain, now whar is my ship? Argghhh!

This deluxe costume is from the Grand Heritage Collection. You'll certainly be the best dressed pirate on the seven seas.  Team up with Pirate Queen for couples costumes.

The Rustic Lady Pirate costume comes with gold trimmed embossed vinyl corset, gauze blouse, pants, bandana, gold trimmed boot tops and hat.

Don't forget the beard.

the terrifying captain of the ship Queen Anne's Revenge. A seaworthy classic pirate captains coat with black jabot, pirate hat, and belt included.

                    Pirate Beauty Womens Costume:

Plunder and pillage.

The Pirate Beauty is a rich mix of patterns and layers, sure to be a hit on any ship.

The dress has a drop-shoulder top with black and red lace corset and layers of skirt that are open in the front. A black and white mini-skirt comes with it, as does the skull and crossbones belt.


Land ho.

Things can get mighty tense at sea, keep your wits about you. The Treasure Island Pirate Jacket is just the thing to wear on your journey. A long pirate style coat in black and grey faux-suede with gold button detailing.    

The ultimate pirate outfit.

This sexy Pirate Captain costume comes with faux leather brown trench, black cuffs, collar & belt with rhinestones. White dress and matching hat and sword.

A complete set to create a seaworthy first mate!          

This great quality Caribbean Pirate Set includes:
  • pirate sword with fabric tatters on handle
  • pirate hook
  • eye patch with skull and cross bones motif
  • clip on earring

Beautiful addition to your pirate, police officer or gothic costume. Basically the right boots for any tough broad!

For that evil grin, this black clip on tooth wax will create that perfect sinister look!


The final touch to really make your pirate influenced costume the best is the make-up. Check out this Pirate make-up youtube made by Leg Avenue. 



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