May 28, 2012

Pirate Theme - How to get the ultimate Pirate look.

Getting the ultimate Pirate look.

The Pirate theme is probably one of the most popular themes and when going to a pirate party just added the appropriate make up or accessories can make such a difference in making your whole costume and look the best at the costume party. 

Ahoy, I'm a great Pirate Captain, now whar is my ship? Argghhh!

This deluxe costume is from the Grand Heritage Collection. You'll certainly be the best dressed pirate on the seven seas.  Team up with Pirate Queen for couples costumes.

The Rustic Lady Pirate costume comes with gold trimmed embossed vinyl corset, gauze blouse, pants, bandana, gold trimmed boot tops and hat.

Don't forget the beard.

the terrifying captain of the ship Queen Anne's Revenge. A seaworthy classic pirate captains coat with black jabot, pirate hat, and belt included.

                    Pirate Beauty Womens Costume:

Plunder and pillage.

The Pirate Beauty is a rich mix of patterns and layers, sure to be a hit on any ship.

The dress has a drop-shoulder top with black and red lace corset and layers of skirt that are open in the front. A black and white mini-skirt comes with it, as does the skull and crossbones belt.


Land ho.

Things can get mighty tense at sea, keep your wits about you. The Treasure Island Pirate Jacket is just the thing to wear on your journey. A long pirate style coat in black and grey faux-suede with gold button detailing.    

The ultimate pirate outfit.

This sexy Pirate Captain costume comes with faux leather brown trench, black cuffs, collar & belt with rhinestones. White dress and matching hat and sword.

A complete set to create a seaworthy first mate!          

This great quality Caribbean Pirate Set includes:
  • pirate sword with fabric tatters on handle
  • pirate hook
  • eye patch with skull and cross bones motif
  • clip on earring

Beautiful addition to your pirate, police officer or gothic costume. Basically the right boots for any tough broad!

For that evil grin, this black clip on tooth wax will create that perfect sinister look!


The final touch to really make your pirate influenced costume the best is the make-up. Check out this Pirate make-up youtube made by Leg Avenue. 



May 22, 2012


What is Supanova?

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is where the adoring public comes face to face with Supa-Star celebrities and the creative talent that inspire their imaginary worlds under one big roof.

Gathered from and surrounded by the wonderful worlds of science-fiction, pulp TV/movies, toys, console gaming, trading cards, animation/cartoons, fantasy, comic books, entertainment technology, books, internet sites and fan-clubs, the result is an amazing atmosphere tailor made for expessing your inner geek and where getting into cosplay (cos-tume role-play) is the obvious thing to do!

What is Supanova YouTube video... Check it out:

Some of the celebrities featuring this year for Supanova 2012 Sydney just to name a few:

Supanova is a comic cultural experience, most people actually dress up in costumes and really get involved in the culture and atmosphere that Supanova creates. Here are some costume ideas from Costume Box and past top sellers:

                 Star Wars Darth Vader Collector's (Supreme) Edition - Adult Costume

The Dark Lord of the Sith who was once Anakin Skywalker before he was seduced by the dark side of the Force.
One of the Emperor's most trusted servants, Anakin Skywalker was gravely injured and needed cybernetics and armor to keep him alive. 

Anime Wonder Woman Womens Costume

A Japanese animation take on the classic Wonder Woman costume, this Anime outfit is part super hero, part warrior, and all woman. The bodice is made of a stiff plastic for effect, and has straps that wrap around to a soft back piece. A blue set of panties and a loincloth make this one sexy look, complete with arm, wrist, head and leg bands.

Batman Dark Knight - Collectors Edition Mens Costume

Reward yourself with this supreme quality, collectors edition Batman Dark Knight costume available at

Star Wars Chewbacca Collector's Edition Adult

The most realistic Chewbacca costume outside of the movies! An immense, fur covered warrior of great strength and loyalty. Long before he traveled the galaxy with Han Solo, Chewbacca defended his home alongside the other wookies. This supreme costume includes: Body suit and mask, completely covered with hand layered multicolored long fur, for an authentic look

Full over the head mask, latex hands, sash, and pouch.
Available in adult size: Standard (Chest: up to 112cm; Waist: 91cm; Inseam: 84cm) and X-Large (The XL is very roomy, larger than what is stated on the size chart.)

You'll feel as sleek as a cat in this Catwoman jumpsuit. It's an officially licensed DC Comics costume, so you're sure to look the part.
      The one-piece jumpsuit is made with a faux-vinyl look, and has a front zip that goes from the navel to the neck. A belt, gloves, and headpiece with cat ears and glasses built in are included.

Watch out she will send you to hell.Be mysteriously evil in this Hell Girl Costume.This 3 piece anime style costume comes with pleated black high wasted skirt with collared black and white 3/4 length shirt and red neck tie.

I've seen Exorcist a hundred and sixty-seven times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it....Not to mention the fact that you're talking to a dead guy....Now what do you think? You think I'm qualified?

Look the part in this Beetlejuice Costume, this costume comes complete with thick black & white stripped suit , shirt, tie, wig and make-up kit.

Please come and visit all the staff at CostumeBox at our booth on the Supanova weekend. We will have plenty of competitions & amazing prices to be won, included a Collectors Edition Costume of your choice, vouchers, candy, products and a chance to have your picture taken with some of our collectors edition characters like Chewy, Halo and The Imperial Guard.

We all hope that you have a great Supanova experience. 


May 18, 2012

Book Week 2012 - Champions Read

Kids Book Week Costumes and Ideas for BookWeek

Book Week 2012 - Champions Read

This time of year creeps up on us all, so Costume Box have come up with some great costume ideas based on the book shortlist recommended for this years Book Week theme "Champions Read" and some survival tips.

Book Week Survival Tips:

1. Read the suggested shortlist of books. It's not only educational, but also gives more options for your child's book week costume and more insight as to what characters the other children at school are dressed up as for book week.
2. Be different. Try to choose something original for your book week costume and use your imagination. 
3. Be organised. Read the shortlisted books with your child or children and organise what they want to go as early and order the costumes. During book week we do sell out fast, so order early to ensure that your child has the costume they want & have plenty of time up your sleeve incase you need a size change. 
4. Have a back up plan. Discuss with your child or children an alternative if you cannot get the costume they first want, this will save some tears if you cannot get their first choice and will also relieve stress on the parents. 
5. Enjoy.

The Golden Door - By Emily Rodda

The walled city of Weld is under attack from ferocious flying creatures that raid in the night, bringing death and destruction. The Warden calls for Volunteers to find and destroy the Enemy sending the invaders, and the heroes of Weld answer the call one by one, never to return. Rye is officially too young to go, but his brothers are among the lost, and he must help them. What terrors await him beyond the wall?

Costume Box Costume Suggestions: The Dragon


The Last Viking - By Norman Jorgensen, ill by James Foley

In this delightful story of a small boy and his dog, imagination and myth integrate neatly with reality to create a picture book that will entice the reader to engage in a range of discussions including bullying, new siblings, courage and the power of myth and story.

Costume Box costume suggestions:  

Templar Knight Child Costume:     

Knights of the Round Table.
An iconic medieval soldier outfit, great for a theme party or dress up fun. Comes with a white tunic with black sleeves, a hood, and belt.
Item Includes:
  • Tunic with sleeves.
  • Hood.
  • Head tie.
  • Belt

Look, a book! - By Freyda Blackwood & Libby Gleeson

Look, A Book! is the latest collaboration from Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood. Set in an underprivileged society, two children discover a book lying in the dust. Dreary surrounds become magical scenes of wonder, as the children’s imagination transforms their reality. On their journey, they sail through dust, float in a teacup and ride atop a plastic bottle. The minimal text set among the whimsical illustrations teaches younger readers about the magic of imagination that can stem from reading a book.

Costume Box costume suggestions: 

Elephant Childs Costume -  Elephants are symbols of wisdom in Asian cultures, and are famed for their memory and high intelligence!
  • Soft lightweight grey material with pink sections for the abdomen, inner ears and end of trunk
  • Hood comprises head with full face including trunk and ears
  • Cushioned grey elephant feet attached to wrists and ankles for a more authentic look
  • Full zipper at front for easy accessibility
Come down, cat! - By Sonya Hartnett

The day is ending, night is falling, and Nicholas's cat won't come down. High on the roof she licks her paws while Nicholas worries about her up there all alone. How does he coax her into the safe, warm house? She doesn't even want to come down from the roof... or does she? 

Costume Box costume suggestions: 

  • Lovely, soft, off-white Siamese cat full body costume made from deluxe, semi-plush material
  • Hood consists of full Siamese cat head with brown face and striking blue eyes
  • Elasticated wrists and ankles with brown cushioned cat paws attached
  • Full zip up front for easy access
No time for a cat nap.

This Kitty has the life, playing with yarn, lying in the sun, cuddling up on your lap! A great outfit for Halloween, play time, or a pageant. The one-piece jumpsuit has a tail attached to it, and comes with a collar and headband with cat ears too.
Item Includes:
  • Jumpsuit with tail.
  • Collar.
  • Headband with ears.
Costume Box Book Week Favourites:

Alice in wonderland: Don't be late for a very important date.
This Alice girls costume is a sell out every year. Check out the rest of the selection of Alice and Alice in Wonderland inspired costumes at

Snow White Platinum CostumeThe fairest in the land.

Your child will be a page right from the story book in this costume from Disney.
This Snow White Platinum costume is a luxurious satin and velour ball gown with sequin and rose detail, detachable cape, and bow headband.

Perfect for anyone from the house of GryffindorWorn by Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron 
  • Includes black ankle length robe with attached hood, burgundy accents, front close clasp and an embroidered Gryffindor Crest patch on the front.
  • Made of thick, cozy,  micro-fleece type fabric

Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Wicked witch of the West  & the Tin Man are available at