Apr 11, 2012

Foul Fashion Hits Australia: A Take On Fancy Dress

From the makers of  The Morphsuit comes a brave new fancy dress trend sure to be a hit with the blokes. While The Morphsuit is a colourful one-piece 'body' suit often a hit at music festivals or cricket matches, Foul Fashion is a brash twist on the 'business' suit. But don't be fooled, there's nothing serious about getting suited up in this outfit!

Using off-cut fabrics, each Foul Fashion garment features a variety of clashing patterns on each panel. This often bright and eclectic mix makes for one loud outfit - especially when you combine them for full effect. Perfect for a day at the pony's, a night out with the boys, or just embarrassing the Mrs. at her next office fundraiser!

On first impression, Foul Fashion is a great attention-getter, but what really stands out is the detail and quality of each piece. Constructed of 100% Cotton with full double-stitched seams, lining inside the Blazer and Waist Coat, and full pockets and belt-loops on the Shorts and Trousers, you'll find it tough to go back to your regular clothes! You can even accessorize with matching (or not so matching) Neck Ties and Caps

Can I choose the patterns used on the garments I order?
No, it's all part of the fun of Foul Fashion - no two pieces in the world are the same! The less they match-up, the better, so don't worry about what colours and patterns you receive, it will be perfectly Foul!

How do I wash them?
The best way to care for Foul Fashion is to hand wash it in cold water. Using a soap that will keep colours from bleeding together is important for maintaining their integrity.

Where can I wear Foul Fashion?
Anytime, anywhere, if you dare! These outfits are perfect to wear anytime you want to stand out from the crowd, make an impression, or just take the mickey out of a serious event. A golf day with the boys, buck's parties, or Melbourne Cup day, it's all good. Or, as the lads at Foul Fashion say, they're perfect for an "evening in with your granny, blending into her sofa." 

Foul Fashion
When your plain old boring wardrobe won't do, turn to Foul Fashion.


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