May 6, 2011

Friday the 13th: Costume and Party Ideas for Halloween

When it comes to slasher films, you can't beat the Friday The 13th franchise! 12 movies, a slew of books, TV shows, comics, and merchandise tie-ins have been flowing since the original movie opened in 1980. If you haven't seen the movie, you best be picking up a copy, it's a classic!

Whether you are thinking ahead to Halloween, or celebrating one of the many times throughout the year that Friday coincides with the 13th (click here for a listing), there are a ton of costumes and decor to help you set the scene. Here are some ideas from Costume Box, be sure to check out the Life Size Jason to scare your guests out of their skin!

When negligent camp counsellors let a few campers drown, Jason Voorhees among them, a series of movies based on revenge creates one of the most recognizable costumes around: Jason's hockey mask and machete are now synonymous with murder! Here are a few Jason themed costumes from Costume Box:
Deluxe Jason Voorhees Costume
Jason Voorhees Costume
Jason Mask and Hockey Shirt
Mrs. Voorhees Costume

Be sure to complete the look whether you are dressing up like Jason or one of his victims, here are a few things to make sure you look sufficiently scary!
Friday 13th Hockey Mask
Jason Gloves
Glow in the Dark Mask

Scab Make Up
Flesh Wound Make Up
Spray Fake Blood

It's easy to turn your home into Camp Crystal Lake, all you need is a bit of fake blood and a few severed limbs! Costume Box has a whole slew of great props for setting the tone for a creepy themed party. Here are just a few of the goodies you'll find for sale online:
Bloody Tablecloth
Bottle Labels
Severed Finger Food
Severed Arms

Bloody Hand Prints
Warning Signs
Creepy Music CD
Bottle Fake Blood

Life Size Action Jason Voorhees with Sound:
If you really want to set the tone, put one of these life sized Jason's where your guests are walking by and scare the living daylights out of them!

Equipped with a motion sensor, Jason turns, chops with his machete, and makes spooky noises. His head also turns, as do his eyes. Fully dressed in a Jason outfit, with amazing detail on his face (the mask is removable). Tres creepy! Check it out below:

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