May 19, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume

With four wildly popular movies now under his belt, it's safe to say that Johnny Depp's pirate character, Jack Sparrow, has more than earned his place as the most famous Captain of the high seas.

When Disney originally decided to turn the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride into a movie franchise, Captain Jack's character was intended as a supporting role. Depp's over the top performance, channelling the Rolling Stones Keith Richards for flavour, kicked the writers into gear to make him into the leading man.

With a quirky mix of pirate, vagabond, and rock n' roll icon, Captain Jack makes for an awesome dress up costume.

Arrrr, enough small talk, you want to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow, and we want to show you how! Follow our tips, and make sure to post some pics of your creation to our Facebook Page!

Captain Jack Sparrow Essentials:

1. Leather Hat. You're gonna need a pirates hat. Not just any pirates hat, a worn leather-look hat is what you're after. Jack wears a red bandanna underneath too, both easy items to pick up online.

3. Dreadlocks. It's safe to say that Captain Jack isn't big on hygiene, and who would be when you spend all that time at sea? Hence the hair: a bit gnatted with dreads and a few beads here and there for a Caribbean touch. This Pirate Scarf with Dreadlocks is perfect for the occasion!

3. Pirate Shirt. Grab yourself a pirate shirt, clean the car with it, leave it on the clothes line for a week, and you'll be on par with Jack.

4. Jacket and Pants. This is an easy way to get into character, the Captain Jack Sparrow costume includes all the basics: jacket, pants, shirt, hat, and boot toppers. Just accessorize and you're ready to set sail.

5. Boots. If you don't have a pair of pirate boots kicking around the house, pick up a pair of these handy Pirate Boot Toppers. They fit over any shoes to give the illusion of boots, and one size fits most.

6. Sword. Get your hands out of the kids toy box, you know you'll end up breaking or losing it! Get your very own pirates sword set, and prepare to do battle.

7. Bling. The Captain is all about the bling. A gold tooth, rings, anything with skulls and cross bones on it, a sash, parrot, and of course - a treasure map!

8. Make-up and beard. It's no secret, Jack Sparrow is a metro-sexual. Yes, he likes his eye make-up. You might have to enlist the help of a lady friend here, but this pirates make-up kit will help. Heavy on the black eyeliner. As for the beard, get growing, or add a beard and moustache to your cart!

Complete Costumes:
Captain Jack Costume
Caribbean Pirate Grand
High Seas Buccaneer

Pirate Shirts:
Pirate Shirt - White
Pirate Shirt with Parrot
Pirate Shirt - Black

Pirate Hat
Scarf with Dreadlocks
Red Bandanna

Pirate Teeth
Make-up Kit
Beard and Moustache

Pirate Sword Kit
Skull and Crossbones Chain
Pirate Treasure Map

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  1. where is will i didn't saw him at the 4 movie trailer ??? why he's not inside it i really love him soooooooooooooo much !!!

  2. Will isn`t in the film, duh! GOOD RIDANCE! With him gone it just made the film better!:D

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  4. I just loved how my husband looked in this costume. He had so many people stop him and asked to be photographed with them. To help you decide you can always refer in this blog couple costumes

  5. I just love Johnny Depp so much!!!He created the best character of the century(at least for me)!!!And i just love this costume!!!I will try to buy my own.Thank you Johnny for giving us Captain Jack!!!The 4th movie was stunning!!!Hope for a 5!!!

  6. Having a Jack Sparrow Halloween Costumes this coming Halloween season is the best idea to have fun during this time.