May 10, 2011

ABC Costume Party Ideas - Letter F

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'F'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter F, and Drinks Starting with the Letter F, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

Here are some suggestions for costumes:
  • Fifties Bopper - Get into the swing of things with this great 50's outfit, featuring a Poodle Skirt and striped top. You'll be ready to dance the night away, available in various sizes and colours at Costume Box online. Check out the full selection of 50's outfits here
  • Fairy - A wand, a set of wings, and a dress fit for a fairy, and you'll be set for the night. This Fairy Garden Nymph is a great option for adults, and there is a whole lot of selection for kids too.
  • French Maid - Hmm, those French sure know how to live, even their cleaning ladies are classy! Step out looking sexy, and ready to dust the TV off, with a French Maid outfit - this one is great as it comes as a complete package, but there are a whole slew of them at Costume Box.
  • Father / Priest - This one never gets old. Dress up as a priest and take confessions all night long... We're fans of the Holy Hammered outfit, it comes with a 'Book' to hold a mickey and shot glasses. Here's the whole gamut of religious leaders at Costume Box.
  • Father Christmas - Santa, Saint Nick, Big Guy, call him what you will, he's Father Christmas if you are heading to an 'F' Party! Santa isn't just for Christmas anymore, break out the red and spike the rum and egg nog. Here are lots of Claus's for you to choose from!
  • Father Figure - Can you think of a better one than Mike Brady? Get into the spirit of The Brady Bunch with this Mike Brady costume and wig, perfect for your next 70's party too!
  • Firefighter - One of the best superhero costumes around! Dress up as a Firefighter and keep things cool. If your kids are dressing up as a Firefighter, this also doubles for Book Week.
  • Flapper - The Roaring 20's brought us some amazing fashion, and your excuse to dress the part is here in this amazing Flapper costume from Costume Box. The All That Jazz Flapper is a complete outfit, with all the trimmings to make you look the part. Don't forget to search the massive selection of Flapper dresses at Costume Box online. 
  • Flash - The Flash is big, red, and fast. You can't go wrong. Plus, you'll have a great costume in your fancy dress box for when you get called up to your next Superhero themed party! Available for children too
  • Flight Attendant - Join the mile high club with this sexy Flight Attendant style costume from Dreamgirls. It's really a female pilot costume, but we won't tell anyone! 
  • Flintstones - Fred and Wilma - The most famous cartoon couple until the Simpson's came along, Fred and Wilma Flintstone make for great costumes for an 'F' Party, couples theme, cartoon theme, or caveman theme. 
  • Flying Nun - Just add wings to this great Nun's costume and you'll be fitting in perfectly as a Flying Nun. A little imagination required. 
  • Fonzie - The star of Happy Days, this 50's greaser jacket (and a little hair grease) will make you into Fonzie in no time. Don't forget to practice smacking the jukebox to make it play, coins are for losers.
  • Frankfurter - Everyone loves a good Hot Dog, and this costume is no exception. Available in kids and adults versions, it fits most sizes easily, slipping right over your head.
  • Frank N Furter - The star of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Frank N Furter is a classic costume for any occasion. Good luck with the shoes! 
  • Friar - Kick it old school. Get into a Medieval Monk costume and wig and be the Friar. 
  • Frodo - The hero of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, this Frodo costume for kids is a perfect match for this theme. Big feet definitely help with the look!
  • Frog - Ya, the Frog costume might be a little predictable, but you can add some style to it. Throw on a crown and go as the Frog Prince, or sing lots and be Kermit. 
  • Freddy Krueger - and Miss Krueger - A fright night favourite, Freddy Krueger, and the Sexy Miss Krueger costume, will fit in perfectly at an 'F' party, Halloween party, or horror themed fancy dress.
  • Fat Bastard - This Highlander Inflatable costume will transform you into Fat Bastard in no time. It comes with a self-inflating pump and fan, and everything you see in the photo! Where's me belly?
  • French Flag - Morphsuits are good fun for any occasion, but this French Flag Morphsuit is perfect for a letter 'F' themed party, and sure to be an original.
  • Friday The 13th - Jason Voorhees and Mrs. Voorhees - the costume that made hockey masks scary are a great idea for this theme, go as a couple (slightly creepy as Mrs. Voorhees is technically his Mum!)
  • Flower Power - Tap into your inner hippie with the Flower Power costume, or any 60's themed outfit.
  • Fett - Jango - The anti-hero of the Star Wars movies, jump into a Jango Fett costume for your party.
  • Fred - Scooby Doo - This Fred costume from Scooby Doo is hilarious, don't forget the Scooby Snacks to keep Shaggy and Scooby happy. 
  • Uncle Fester - The creepy uncle from the Addam's Family technically starts with U, but for all intents and purposes, lets call him Fester. This Uncle Fester costume comes with the robe and mask, all you need for a night of mayhem.
  • Feline - You can go for your traditional Cat costume here, or get sexy with a Bonjour Kitty costume for something with a bit more style. 
  • Flamingo - Transform into a Pink Flamingo with this costume from Costume Box. The foam formed outfit is easy to wear and really looks the part.
  • Follow the Yellow Brick Road - This one takes a bit of imagination, but sure to get some laughs. The Follow the Yellow Brick Road costume is a great take on the song from The Wizard of Oz, and will definitely earn you the top costume ribbon!
  • Funky Chicken - Do the funky chicken, or be a Funky Chicken. Or be a Funky Chicken doing the funky chicken. The possibilities are endless. 
Check out Costume Box online:

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