May 25, 2011

ABC Costume Party Ideas - Complete A to Z

Have you been invited to an ABC Costume Party? Or thinking of throwing one yourself? Giving your guests a theme to dress up for is a great way to spark their imaginations... If you need some inspiration, we've compiled our favourite costumes for each letter of the alphabet. Check it out, and post a comment if you have a favourite you don't see on our list!
Click on the alphabet below to see costumes starting with that letter:

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ABC Costume Party Ideas - Letter G

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'G'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter G, and Drinks Starting with the Letter G, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

  • Geisha - The traditional Japanese entertainer is a highly recognized outfit, and this costume from the movie Mulan is an easy way to get the look. Don't forget the face make-up, this link has great tips.
  • Grunge Rocker - A flannel shirt, some Doc Marten's, and a Grunge Wig will have you turning back the clock to Seattle, circa 1994. Smells like teen spirit.
  • GreaserDanny Zuko, Arthur Fonzarellli, Marlon Brando... Greaser costumes are not too complex. Black leather jacket, a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans, and a bit of hair gel. Very cool.
  • Gangster - Step back to the Roaring 20's with a Gangster Suit for Men or this Double Zip Gangster Moll Women's costume. Don't forget your Tommy Gun and the password to get into the Speakeasy!
  • Gangsta - Yo, yo, yo! There are gangsters, and then there are G-thang gangsters. Hang with your hommies in this fun, over the top Big Pimpin' Gangster costume. When was the last time you wore zebra print and purple together? 
  • Garden Fairy - Dress as a Garden Fairy with this Garden of Eve costume. Add some fairy wings for a little flair.
  • Genie - Blink your eyes and nod your head - your wish will come true: the I Dream of Jeannie costume fits the bill for a Letter G party, or for spicing up a Tuesday night by surprising the hubbie at the door. lol.
  • General - I have a feeling this General Perversion costume will help you keep everyone in line at your next ABC Party. You'll definitely have an air of authority with this Generals dress and cap.
  • Gentleman - Class things up a bit with this turn of the century Gentleman's Top Coat. Add a pair of spats, a top hat, and be on your merry way! 
  • German Beer Girl - Check off two G's at once: German, and Girl. Dress up as an Oktoberfest style German Beer Girl and earn the rights to carry an over sized drink all night.
  • German Beer Girl for Guys - Why let the ladies have all the fun! This German Beer Girl Costume for Men is a hilarious dress up. The plastic breasts even have taps built into them, so you can fill them with your beverage of choice... they'll be lined up for you all night long!
  • German - Show your German pride, wear the flag - but not just any old flag, a German Flag Morphsuit! Not quite sure what a Morphsuit is? Read our Blog Posts on Morphsuits here.
  • Get Leid - This laugh out loud Get Leid costume is a definite must for your Letter G Party - and sure to help you out in many departments... if you happen to need that sort of help.
  • Get Lucky - They're always after me lucky charms! The Get Lucky has a definite St. Patrick's Day thing going on, but I don't think anyone is going to complain, especially the ladies! 
  • Ghost - A classic. Don't just throw a sheet over your head though! Pick up this Ghost Robe. It has draped sleeves and a hood that make for a great effect, and way more comfortable than cutting holes in a sheet.
  • Ghostbusters - This Ghostbuster costume comes in both Men's and Women's versions, and is perfect for Halloween or a theme party. The suit comes with an inflatable backpack for zapping big, tubby, marshmallow men... and ghosts!
  • GI Joe - You could dress up in a plain old set of army duds, or you could mix it up a bit and wear a Camo Morphsuit. Sure to get them talking!
  • Giant Boob - This one is for those that don't take themselves too seriously... or mind a little attention here and there! The Giant Boob costume is an inflatable, well... giant boob. Enough said. Hey, it starts with the Letter G!
  • Giraffe - Stick out in the crowd with a Giraffe Costume. This full body suit has a plush feel to it, and will be great to have in your costume box for many occasions. 
  • Gladiator - The Roman Warrior costume will transform you into a Gladiator, perfect for the theme. This outfit has a Roman tunic with armour overlay, headband, and shin guards. Just dig a sword out of the kids toy box or pick one up at Costume Box.
  • Glam Rocker - Get 80s on your next theme party, with an ode to glam rockers mixing bright colours and prints like this Cindi Costume. Guys can combine a Mesh Top with a pair of Zebra Pants... don't forget the Rocker Hair.
  • Go Go Girl - Did somebody say Letter G party? This costume has you covered! The Feelin' Groovy costume at Costume Box makes for an effective Go Go outfit, don't forget the boots!
  • Goddess - Knock 'em dead in this Oh My Goddess costume. Or something a little less risque, like the Cleopatra costume
  • Goldee Locks - One of the most famous storybook characters happens to start with the Letter G... yes, Goldee Locks. Don't forget the golden locks, and maybe a teddy bear.
  • Gorilla - Pop on a Gorilla Costume, like this full body and mask. Just don't act like an animal now.
  • Grapes - This Grape costume is awesome! It comes with a fan and batteries that keep it inflated for you, perfect!
  • Greek God - You're no mortal. Why dress like one! Get into this Caligula Costume and let them know you mean business. 
  • Grim Reaper - A black robe like this Dr. Darkness outfit, along with an executioners axe, will turn you into the one guy that everyone fears. Just don't stand outside an old folks home too much, that would just be cruel.
  • Groovy Guy - Chill out in this groovy Mod Marvin costume for Men. No one is going to keep you down, man.
  • Granny - Borrow Nan's walking frame and pair up one of these Granny Wigs with a mole kit
  • Gunslinger - This Gunslinger Deluxe costume from Costume Box is an authentic looking western costume. Be a Gunslinger for your Letter G party, and have a back-up ready for your next western party.
  • Guinevere - Me thinks this Lady Guinevere costume will do the trick! Channel your inner-Shakespeare for a Medieval good time.
  • Goth Vamp - Thanks to a resurgence in vampire TV and movies, there are a ton of cool vampire costumes around... and no one loves a vampire more than goths. Like peanut butter and chocolate, they make for a great combo... Check out this cool light-up Goth Vamp Costume. This is a cool plus size option, the Goth Maiden Vamp

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May 20, 2011

Morphsuits 101: Read This Before You Buy A Morphsuit

You've seen them at sporting events, parties, stumbling out of the bar, and maybe even shopping at the grocery store... Morphsuits have hit the mainstream as a great costume idea for any occasion where an injection of colour or humour is needed. If you are thinking of getting one, you probably have a few questions, so we've answered the most common ones to help you with your purchase.

Your Morphsuit Questions Answered:

What is a Morphsuit?
Morphsuits are made out of a material called Lycra. It's super stretchy, and has a slightly sheer quality to it, kinda like thick pantyhose. It's basically a jumpsuit that is shaped like your body and covers you from head to toe. The feet cover each foot like socks, and the hands have fingers in them like gloves. A Morphsuit will transform you into a silhouette in colour! They come in all sorts of colours, prints, and even country flags, and are a great way to stand out in a crowd or use as the basis for a costume for you or a group.

How do you get in and out of a Morphsuit?
The Morphsuit has a zipper that runs from the lower back to the top of the head. It zips from the bottom up, so you basically step into it like getting into a wetsuit or pair of coveralls. You might need a friend to zip you up, but it is possible to do on your own.

How do you go to the bathroom in a Morphsuit?
This is probably the number one question! There is no "fly" or zipper on the front, the only way in and out is the zipper on the back. So, you'll have to unzip from the top of your head down to your lower back and roll it down to get to your plumbing. It's not as much work as you might think, and finding someone to zip you back up is a great conversation starter!

Do you have to be buff to wear one?
Heck no! The Morphsuit is a philosophy more than a costume. It's all about getting out there and throwing a bit of shock-value into a party, event, club, or crowd. The Morphsuit gives you relative anonymity since it covers your face, so why not let loose a bit and let your alter ego take over!

What do you wear under a Morphsuit?
It's your special day... you do what feels good! Wearing your birthday suit under it wouldn't be a first, but most people go for something without too much bulk, you don't want to look like you are wearing a diaper! So think slick... a pair of shorts, bike pants, or yoga tights... If you are feeling shy, go for a costume idea where you can wear something over top of it. Throw a red Speedo and cape over a Blue Morphsuit: Superman! Boxing gloves and shorts: Tyson! Silver Morphsuit and boardshorts: Silver Surfer! You get the idea.

Can you see out of it?
You sure can! If you want to know what it's like to look through one, grab a pair of dark stockings from the Mrs' drawer and stretch 'em over your face. They are made out of pretty much the same material, but with colour, so once it is pulled over your head you'll be able to see where you are going (for the most part). If you are in well lit areas or outdoors during the day, it definitely makes it easier to see. You don't want to drive in one, but chances are there might be a drink or two involved, so that won't be happening anyway.

Can you drink through the material?
Yep! The Morphsuit material stretches quite a bit over your face, and it's light enough that you can drink through it. You might struggle with a crushed-ice Margarita, but normal beverages will be fine. If you aren't drinking water, it will no doubt get dirty, so you'll likely want to wash it after use.

How do you clean Morphsuits?
Just throw it in the washing machine and hang it to dry! You can wear it as much as you want, and clean it as much as you want! Think of it as a pair of thin bike shorts when it comes to caring for them, they are made of pretty much the same material.

Does it have pockets?
Nope. You are one streamlined party animal once you step into a Morphsuit. There are no pockets, so your best bet if you have to bring stuff along is to pawn it off on a mate to carry for you, or wear a bum bag. One day soon we will all have chips implanted in our bodies so we can pay for drinks at the bar with our Facebook account or something... until then, you'll have to suck it up.

What size should I wear?
The material is really stretchy, so getting the height right is more important than whether or not you have a skinny frame or like to store a bit of insulation on your stomach or butt for winter warmth. The size chart below is based off of typical inseams for the heights beside each size. There is a bit of room between sizes, but this gives you a general guideline to start from.

Sizing Up Your Morphsuit:

Can you get Morphsuits in kids sizes?
Yes! MorphKids have recently come on the market. They are pretty much the same as the adult version, but they have a neck that is open in the back, so you can pull the head part down in front of you, as well as a Velcro backing on it which allows for easy opening. The zipper still runs from the back of the neck down to the lower back, and they are available in some really cool prints: Alien, Race Car Driver, Ninja, Skeleton, and colours!

Where can I get a Morphsuit?
Luckily, there's this new fad called the Internet... it's where all the smart people shop! You don't have to leave your house, look for a parking spot, and listen to some kid scream bloody murder for a chocolate bar while you wait in line to pay. Click on over to Costume Box online and get it delivered right to your door, usually next day. Have fun with your new Morphsuit! And be sure to drop by our Facebook Page and post some photos of you and your mates in costume!

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May 19, 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow Pirate Costume

With four wildly popular movies now under his belt, it's safe to say that Johnny Depp's pirate character, Jack Sparrow, has more than earned his place as the most famous Captain of the high seas.

When Disney originally decided to turn the Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride into a movie franchise, Captain Jack's character was intended as a supporting role. Depp's over the top performance, channelling the Rolling Stones Keith Richards for flavour, kicked the writers into gear to make him into the leading man.

With a quirky mix of pirate, vagabond, and rock n' roll icon, Captain Jack makes for an awesome dress up costume.

Arrrr, enough small talk, you want to dress up like Captain Jack Sparrow, and we want to show you how! Follow our tips, and make sure to post some pics of your creation to our Facebook Page!

Captain Jack Sparrow Essentials:

1. Leather Hat. You're gonna need a pirates hat. Not just any pirates hat, a worn leather-look hat is what you're after. Jack wears a red bandanna underneath too, both easy items to pick up online.

3. Dreadlocks. It's safe to say that Captain Jack isn't big on hygiene, and who would be when you spend all that time at sea? Hence the hair: a bit gnatted with dreads and a few beads here and there for a Caribbean touch. This Pirate Scarf with Dreadlocks is perfect for the occasion!

3. Pirate Shirt. Grab yourself a pirate shirt, clean the car with it, leave it on the clothes line for a week, and you'll be on par with Jack.

4. Jacket and Pants. This is an easy way to get into character, the Captain Jack Sparrow costume includes all the basics: jacket, pants, shirt, hat, and boot toppers. Just accessorize and you're ready to set sail.

5. Boots. If you don't have a pair of pirate boots kicking around the house, pick up a pair of these handy Pirate Boot Toppers. They fit over any shoes to give the illusion of boots, and one size fits most.

6. Sword. Get your hands out of the kids toy box, you know you'll end up breaking or losing it! Get your very own pirates sword set, and prepare to do battle.

7. Bling. The Captain is all about the bling. A gold tooth, rings, anything with skulls and cross bones on it, a sash, parrot, and of course - a treasure map!

8. Make-up and beard. It's no secret, Jack Sparrow is a metro-sexual. Yes, he likes his eye make-up. You might have to enlist the help of a lady friend here, but this pirates make-up kit will help. Heavy on the black eyeliner. As for the beard, get growing, or add a beard and moustache to your cart!

Complete Costumes:
Captain Jack Costume
Caribbean Pirate Grand
High Seas Buccaneer

Pirate Shirts:
Pirate Shirt - White
Pirate Shirt with Parrot
Pirate Shirt - Black

Pirate Hat
Scarf with Dreadlocks
Red Bandanna

Pirate Teeth
Make-up Kit
Beard and Moustache

Pirate Sword Kit
Skull and Crossbones Chain
Pirate Treasure Map

Want a little inside scoop on Captain Jack Sparrow's costume for Pirates of the Caribbean 4? Check out this article on Building a Better Pirate.

Check out the trailer for the new Pirates movie... if this doesn't show up in your email, click through to our blog!

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