Apr 23, 2011

Top 10 Costume Idea Countdown

Dressing up for a party or need a Halloween costume? Finding the right outfit can be a daunting task, so we've narrowed down some of the top hits from our blog to give you this Top 12 Costume Ideas list.

Check out the tips and ideas in the blog posts attached, and leave us a comment if you like what you see, or have an idea for a costume you'd love to see featured!

#10 - The Wizard of Oz

With a cast of characters like Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Wicked Witch of the West, this is a fun dress-up idea for any age group and works for one or more people. "We're of to see the Wizard..."

#9 - 1980's Movies

80's parties are a favourite theme, and with movies like Ghostbusters and Beetlejuice to choose costumes from, there are a ton of ideas that are sure to please everyone. The music was fun too: Cyndi Lauper, MJ...

#8 - The Jetson's

This one works well for a TV or movie theme party, and has room for one to four people if you are doing a group costume. Team up with the Flintstones and Simpsons!

#7 - 80's Madonna

Her outfits were a major shift in fashion, and defined teenagers dress code for a decade! Her music was pretty good too! Fun ideas for costumes, music and more here.

#6 - Star Trek

Everyone loves a space theme. And everyone loves to say "Beam me up Scotty!" which will make you the life of the party in this outfit. Check out the whole crew at this post.

#5 - Rocky Horror Picture Show

A little bit wacky, a little bit rock and roll. This cult movie has some classic costumes to rock out in. Whether you like French Maids or, uhm, guys in pantyhose, this one has you covered.

#4 - Cops and Robbers

Good guys, bad guys... can't we all just have fun together and forget about all these boundaries? Well, if it's a costume party: yes! Check out our cops and robbers here.

#3 - Saints and Sinners

Everything from Jesus to the Devil. You can't go wrong with these ideas, for Halloween, a theme party, or just dressing up to freak out your neighbours while you mow the lawn!

#2 - Sexy Pirates

One of the top costume themes, again and again! And why not with such awesome movies as Pirates of the Caribbean bringing us new ideas all the time!

#1 - Naughty School Girl

Britney started it all. Bless her soul. Everyone loves an excuse to let their dark side shine for a night, and this costume idea lets you be a little bit sweat, and a little bit... naughty!

Need more costume ideas? Check out Costume Box online:

Apr 21, 2011

Top 5 Theme Party Ideas

Here's a quick hit list of our favourite party themes with links to detailed help on putting together a great night. Check out the links to our blog posts, leave a comment if you see something you like, or have a suggestion for a favourite theme that isn't on here!

#1 - Roaring 20's - This is a great decade to celebrate, especially if you are looking for an excuse for you and your guests to dress up a little. Great jazz music, a dance floor, and gangsters and flappers sneaking a drink in a Speak-easy, how can you go wrong? Makes for a great New Year's Eve party as well.

#2 -Mad Hatter's Tea Party - A great idea for a garden party, daytime event, or birthday celebration. Set a long table and treat your guests to a high tea Alice in Wonderland style. The costumes are a blast and you'll have fun setting an eclectic table and planning picnic games.

#3 - Grease - Have a 1950's party, or theme it after the famous musical, Grease. Plan a rumble in the parking lot with the Thunderbirds and Pink Lady's, deck out your house like a 50's diner, and break out the 50's dance hits. The fashion and music from this time was a blast, and your guests will love it.

#4 - 80's Night - Your good friends Cyndi, Michael, and Madonna are waiting for an invite! Dig out your flouro clothes, cassette tapes, and spike that hair, it's time to Wang Chung! Challenge your guests to a game of Pac Man or a Moonwalk competition!

 #5 - Renaissance Theme Party -  Hear ye, hear ye, it's time to get Medieval! Eat, drink and be merry by hosting a Medieval Faire, a Renaissance style buffet, or party down at ye olde pub. The costumes are great, and there are a ton of ideas to keep everyone busy here.

Also worth a read:

Need costume ideas? Check out Costume Box online:

Apr 18, 2011

A-B-C Party Costume Ideas - Letter E

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'E'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter E, and Drinks Starting with the Letter E, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

Here are some suggestions for Letter E costumes:

  • Edward Scissorhands - Chop, chop! With hair like this, who wouldn't be sad... oh, ya, not to mention the sharp fingers. No balloon animal making 
  • Egg - or Bacon and Eggs - Over easy, or with a side of bacon. These two costumes are great Eggs. Kids will love the Egg costume, and what a perfect couples costume the Bacon and Eggs costume makes. 
  • Egyptian - Dress up as a famous Egyptian! There are plenty to choose from, like Cleopatra, King Tut, or a mummy costume... everyone loves wrapping themselves in toilet paper!
  • Einstein - Get a lab coat, and an Einstein wig and be the famous scientist! 
  • Elephant - The giant mammal that never forgets makes for a great costume idea. Dress up as an elephant in one of these amazing Wrap and Ride Elephant costumes for kids.
  • Elf - They don't just come out at Christmas! Elves make for a good Letter E costume - pointy shoes, and few jingle bells, and your set. Check out this unisex Elf costume from Costume Box.
  • Ella Fitzgerald - Recreate the famous jazz entertainer with a Flapper Costume and accessories. 
  • Elvis - Shake, rattle, and roll to your next fancy dress event. Elvis costumes come in all shapes and sizes, from kids to adults, from skinny to fat. Here are two of our favourites: the Fat Elvis costume and the Deluxe Elvis, just add sideburns. 
  • Emperor Palpatine - One of the bad guys from Star Wars makes for a great costume, the Emporor Palpatine is easy to recreate with this outfit.
  • Elvira - One of the most infamous vampiresses of all time, Elvira is a fun dress-up option. Sexy dress, dagger, and wig... sounds like all the fixings for a good time!
  • Eskimo - You can dress up like an Eskimo without bundling up in fur and sweating to death, just pick up one of these sexy Eskimo outfits from Costume Box.
  • Eve - The lady that started it all, or did she end it all? This Eve costume is perfect for any fancy dress, and you will definitely be fit for a Letter E night out.
  • Executioner - Pick up an executioners axe and a black robe, and you'll be picking off the bad guys all night long. You'll get extra use out of this one at Halloween for sure!
  • ER Doctor - Scrubs and trainers are all you need to turn yourself into an Emergency Room Doctor. Pick up a set from Costume Box here... don't forget the fake blood!
  • Easter Bunny - If you have a pair of bunny ears, all you need to add is an Easter basket and voila: Easter Bunny! You can opt for a full body bunny suit as well, and really make an impact.
  • Englishman - A top hat, coat, and an accent are all you need for this one. Check out this Englishman costume, or jump into a St. George's flag Morphsuit!
  • Elroy - The fun-loving son from The Jetson's makes for a great costume for a Letter E, TV, or cartoon party... This officially licensed Elroy costume looks great! 
  • Elegant Pirate - You'd expect a pirate to be smelly and dirty, right? Not this one! The Elegant Pirate costume from Costume Box will have you jumping aboard ship! Definitely a step up.
  • Eagle - Kids will love this easy to wear Eagle Wrap and Ride costume, slip in and fly away.
  • Elizabethan Queen - Why dress up like a plain old Queen, when you can step back in time as an Elizabethan Queen! This luxurious costume is fit for the stage.
  • Enchanted Queen of Hearts - This costume is ready for the runway! Check out the Enchanted Queen of Hearts, a great play on the Alice in Wonderland character, it features a sexy dress that will definitely get attention.

Need more Letter E Fancy Dress Costume ideas? Check out Costume Box online:

Apr 12, 2011

High School Musical Birthday Party Ideas

Planning a birthday party and need a theme idea? With three movies under their belt, the crew from High School Musical give plenty of excuses for a theme party! There are a ton of official HSM themed products on the market as well, everything from branded balloons to costumes and dinnerware. Here are a few tips to start you on the right path! 

You can make your own invitations: Wild Cat pennants, a paw print, or a musical look with a backstage pass or theatre program will look great. Or set the tone for the party by ordering up some custom HSM invites. Party Zone online has a selection at the web store.  Be sure to give 2-3 weeks notice so your guests can plan accordingly.

  • Create a stage with red material or curtains. Cover the backdrop in butchers paper and create a scene on it, or have the kids make one with texters. Put up some stage lights if you can too.
  • Use school Wildcat pennants, team signs, and banners. 
  • Hang musical notes.
  • Pick up HSM themed table clothes, place settings, and treats from someplace like Discount Party WarehouseParty Kids or Cracker Box online.
  • Balloons! 

With three movies in the series, there are a ton of costumes that you can go for. Here are some of the more popular ones from the Disney costume range available at Costume Box.

The cheerleader look is a favourite, and the more the merrier! Don't forget your pom-pom's for the cheerleader competition!
Deluxe Cheerleader Costume
HSM Cheerleader Set
There are lots of looks for Gabriella, we like the Lifeguard Costume, the Deluxe Red Dress, and the Lace Dress. Be sure to pair it up with a Head Mic so you can sing along. 
Gabriella Lifeguard Costume
Deluxe Gabriella Red Dress
Gabriella Head Mic

Deluxe Gabriella Lace Dress
Deluxe Gabriella Costume
HSM Mic Set
Get into character as Sharpay in one of these way cool outfits. The End of Year outfit, Golf Dress, and Sharpay Dress will look great with the Sharpay Jewellery Set and a Head Mic.
Sharpay 'End of Year' Costume
Sharpay Golf Dress
Sharpay Jewellery Set

Deluxe Sharpay Costume
Sharpay Costume
Sharpay Head Mic
Be the star of the basketball team with these great costume sets, complete with inflatable basketball!  The Troy Costume is a short and basketball shirt combo, while the Deluxe Troy offers a basketball warm up suit look. Or sport the baseball look, just add a microphone and you are on your way to fame!

Cakes: Well, it's a birthday party, so you are going to need a birthday cake! Check out the photos here for inspiration if you are making one, or to give ideas to a cake maker to make one for you.

Drink and plate sets: Don't forget to pick up your HSM place settings, there are lots of options for any budget here. The kids will love them!

  • Dance lessons: Get a dance instructor to come in and teach the kids a few steps. Search True Local online for dance instructors in your area. 
  • Cheerleader competition: Hold cheerleader try-outs! Have the kids put together a routine and let the parents judge a winner and runner up!
  • Karaoke: Check out the HSM Karaoke Edition, makes for hours of entertaining fun.
  • Basketball game: Get everyone together for a game of basketball. Or play H-O-R-S-E
  • HSM Party Experience - The people at Superstar Birthday Parties have a High School Musical package, complete with food, music, and video coverage of the event. 

Looking for more Costume Ideas?