Mar 11, 2011

A-B-C Party Costume Ideas - Letter C

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'C'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter C, and Drinks Starting with the Letter C, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

Here are a few Suggestions for Letter C Costumes:
  • Caesar - Dress up as one of the most famous Roman's of all time. Check out the Hail Caesar costume at Costume Box. Don't forget the Caesar wig and Roman sandals! Definitely a cool costume to have in your collection.
  • Caligula - This one is pretty good too: the Caligula costume is an easy one. Light and easy to wear, a ready to fight version of Caesar!
  • Camelot - Go back to a time when dressing up, even when you were chilling at home, was a way of life! This luxurious Camelot Costume for women is a great theme idea, and the dress comes with glovelettes and a headpiece as well. 
  • Can-Can Girl - Kick up your heels, it's party time! You'll be the life of the party in this Can Can Dancer costume, complete with the satin and lace dress and choker shown here, just add heels and stockings and you are ready to go all night long.
  • Candy Corn - The delicious Halloween treat is now available to wear! You'll be the sweetest one in the room with this Candy Corn costume on! If you aren't from North America, you may not get this one, don't worry, google has warehouses full of servers dedicated to explaining it to you.
  • Captain America - This Captain America costume is great because it comes with built in muscles, perfect for making you fit the bill even though you have no idea where your gym pass is! With a new Captain America movie released in 2011, this is sure to be a hot one!
  • Captain Cook - Pair up any pirate costume with this Captain Cook wig and be the celebrated seaman! Discover new worlds, drink rum like a pirate, and leave your name all over everything in your path!
  • Cardinal - Have a religious experience, dress up like a Cardinal from the Catholic empire. There are a heap of inappropriate things I could say here, but I'll leave it all up to your imagination!
  • Caribbean Pirate - This women's Pirate costume is a great homage to the Caribbean pirate craze.
  • Caped Crusader - Batman, Batwoman, Batgirl... they all wear capes, so you can fit them into the Caped Crusader category.
  • Captain Jack Sparrow - Surely one of the most famous Captain's of late, this Captain Jack Sparrow costume is sure to be a favourite, don't forget to break it out for Talk Like A Pirate Day too!
  • Carrot - Everyone loves veggies, right? Well, carrots are definitely one of the veggies most people can stand... Jump into this Carrot costume and see the bunnies chase you all night long!
  • Corn - Definitely the corniest costume around: which is why you have to do it!
  • Cartman - Be the man of authority! Every one's favourite South Park character is now a costume... cool! 
  • Catwoman - Meow! Follow the ball of wool to the Catwoman costume, it's purrfect!
  • Cat - Well, it would be too cliche for Catwoman to show up with Batman, so here's an option
  • Cave Woman - Get back to your primal roots with the Cave woman Costume, perfect for a party, and fun to wear to the mall and freak out your mates!
  • Cha Cha Girl - Time to party, meringue style: the Cha Cha costume just needs a bowl of fruit and it's ready to go - oh wait, we've got that too! Pair this up with the Carmen Miranda hat!
  • Champagne Bottle - A chill bottle of the bubbly is always good to show up at a party with, imagine peoples reaction when you're in it!  
  • Charleston Girl - A great costume from the 1920's, lots of fun to wear and available in plus size. You could pretty much dress up in any Flapper dress and pull this one off.
  • Cheerleader - Get out your short skirt, pigtails, and pom poms! 
  • Chili Pepper - So hot right now! Go for a spicy costume, the Chili Pepper is easy and fun to wear!
  • Cleopatra - Sexy and powerful, the Cleopatra costume and wig make for a stunner!
  • Clown - There are so many clown costumes at Costume Box, that you should check out the search page for clowns, you are sure to find one to suit! Wigs, horns, shoes, everything you need!
  • Convict - This Convict costume comes in regular and plus sizes for the blokes, criminal!
  • Cop - A good costume idea for men, women or kids. Easy fun!
  • Cosmo - Don't just drink a Cosmo, be the drink! 
  • Cow - Don't have a cow, man. Be one! Cow costume for guys or gals. Moo!
  • Cowboy / Cowgirl - Throw together some chaps, a vest, hat and boots: ta da, Cowboy... Or Cowgirl!
  • Crayon - This Crayon costume comes in regular, plus size, and in a dress version for the ladies that is too cute!
  • Cupcake - This is sweet as! The Cupcake costume for women or kids satisfies any cravings!
  • Cruise Director - The Julie McCoy officially licensed Love Boat costume makes for a great Cruise Director costume... boss everyone around at the party, and look good doing it!
  • Cindy Brady - The cutest Brady of them all, this adult costume of Cindy Brady is a perfect match for the night with the Cindy Brady Wig!
  • C3PO - Every one's favourite domesticated robot! There are a heap of C3PO costumes out there, but this one from Costume Box is an easy fix.
  • Commander Cody Clone - Everyone wants to be a Storm Trooper! This is a great Commander Cody costume from Star Wars. 

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