Mar 22, 2011

A-B-C Party Costume Ideas - Letter D

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'D'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter D, and Drinks Starting with the Letter D, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

Here are a few Suggestions for Letter D Costumes:
  • Dame Edna - The character made famous by her satire of class and celebrity... With outlandish purple hair, over-the-top outfits, and horn-rimmed glasses, Dame Edna makes for a great costume for any event.
  • Danny from Grease - The leader of the Thunderbirds, and the coolest dude at Rydell High. Add this great Danny Leather Jacket to a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt for the perfect 60's Grease costume.
  • Dracula - Let out your inner vampire for the night, dress up as a Dracula and sink your fangs into your guests. All you need is a cape and sharp teeth for this one, dress it up with some make-up your set. Check out these amazing fangs that mold to your teeth. 
  • Dark Prince - The evil Prince of Darkness is one that is easy to put together yourself, and even easier order up online! Check out Costume Box's Dark Prince costume here. 
  • Death Eater from Harry Potter - This kids costume is a great option for a Letter D outfit, dress up as a Death Eater from the Harry Potter series of books and movies. 
  • Devil - Devil's come in all shapes and sizes these days, so your best bet is to grab a set of devil horns and a tail, add a red cape, and grab a pitch fork! Or check out this great Teen Devil Costume!
  • Darth Vader - World's Best Dad? Maybe not, but he sure has a cool outfit! There are Darth Vader costumes to fit any size and budget, but this Deluxe Vader is pretty good quality for the price. Don't forget the Darth Vader breathing device so you can annoy people all night with your Vader'ism's. 
  • Diva - There are a ton of Diva's out there, put Marilyn was one of the best! Get your diamonds out, your platinum wig on, and show them how it's done. 
  • Dementor from Harry Potter - One of the foulest creatures to walk the earth, but it sure makes for a great costume! Check out this great Dementor Mask from Costume Box, sure to make for a creepy dress up outfit. 
  • Derby - Check out this great horse jockey outfit, and hit your party dressed up as a derby rider! 
  • Dinosaur - A popular choice for kids or adults, Costume Box has pages of dinosaur outfits to choose from, so your best bet is to check out the Dinosaurs there, every price range and fit possible!
  • Dingo - A great kids costume, this easy to wear costume has shoulder straps for your wee one to step right into, this Dingo Costume is fun for a party or just playing around the house.
  • Disc Jockey - Hit up your party dressed as a 70's style Disc Jockey! This wig paired up with any retro outfit will do the trick. Don't forget the shades, and spare record needles, those things are always breaking!
  • Disco Queen - Put together a Disco Queen outfit with a great 70's Disco Wig, gold heels, and a sexy top - all you need to look good when you hit the dance floor!
  • Dino from The Flintstones - The most famous cartoon pet from the prehistoric era! Before there was Santa's Little Helper and Brian, there was Dino! Get into this Dino costume for your Letter D party! 
  • Daphne from Scooby Doo - Dress up as Daphne, one of the caper-busting teens from Scooby Doo. This costume comes with the dress, wig, scarf, and boot toppers to complete your cartoon character look to perfection! 
  • Dalmatian - Don't just go as a dog, go as a Dalmatian! This adorable costume for kids is a full body suit. Perfect for your dress up event. 
  • Detective - All you need to put a detectives outfit together is a bad moustache and aviator glasses, but this 70's Detective Kit has a certain touch to it, doesn't it? Definitely put this one on the shopping list.
  • Disco Man - Tap into your inner Disco dancer with this great 70's style Disco suit for men. The white suit will look great with a pair of disco platform shoes and a cheesy wig. Don't forget to bring your Saturday Night Fever soundtrack along for some inspiration on the dance floor. 
  • Doctor - Doctor costumes are a dime-a-dozen, which is why this is one of the best Doctor costumes I have seen in a long time! It comes ready to party, with syringes ready to hold you shooters! Help! I need a Doctor!
  • Dog - An easy on and off costume for kids, this Dog Set has a headpiece and gloves, perfect for dressing up your kids without any fuss! 
  • Dumbledore from Harry Potter - The sage Headmaster of Hogwarts, Dumbledore makes for a great costume for your Letter D party! Pair this mask up with a robe and you'll be set. Carry a ruler in case you need to set any students straight.
  • Donkey - Everyone loves donkeys! Be an ass in this Donkey Costume for adults, full body with a zip up for quick bathroom breaks! 
  • Dora the Explorer - She's always keen to help someone find a person or place! As long as Dora stays away from JB HiFi this is a great costume for kids! Make your own adult version with a new haircut and some colourful clothes!
  • Dorothy from Wizard of Oz - Just click your heels and you'll be partying in Oz in no time! Put the Dorothy Costume together with the Dorothy Wig and (of course) a pair of magical red shoes


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