Feb 23, 2011

A-B-C Party Costume Ideas - Letter B

Invite your party guests to show up as their favourite costume starting with the letter 'B'... your friends will have a blast coming up with creative ideas, and are sure to find something perfect to suit them. Don't forget to keep with the theme and serve Appetizers Starting with the Letter B, and Drinks Starting with the Letter B, follow the links to our Blog posts here.

Here are a few Suggestions for Letter B Costumes:

  • Baboon - Get animal, grab a baboon mask and you're set!
  • Banana - People will think you're bananas, and well, they're right!
  • Bacon & Eggs - This makes for a great couples costume, sunny side up, thanks!
  • Banana Hammock Dude - This is disturbing on many levels, you should definitely do it! A great laugh for a beach themed party or any occasion!
  • Barack Obama - Yes we can! And, yes you can! Be the President of the United States, that is.
  • Barney Rubble - Get prehistoric as The Flintstones funny man, makes for a great couples costume to (hint: his wife's name starts with a B too!)
  • Barrister - Lay down the law! Grab a black cloak, gavel, and a barristers wig. Don't forget the specs to give you that serious look.
  • Babylonian Warrior - you might have to explain this one to people a bit, but you'll look great doing it!
  • Baseball Babe - You'll be catching all the looks in this baseball player costume, complete with mitt!
  • Bavarian Beer Girl - Nothing says beer like a pair of lederhosen, and this Bavarian Beer Girl costume is no exception, bring on the brews!
  • Beatnik - Shooby, doo, whaa! Break out the bongos and Jack Kerouac and be a 60's hip cat.
  • Beer - There are alot of options here: Beer Bottle, Beer Keg, or Beer Man. All of which will make you the centre of attention at your next function, as the source of fun always is!
  • Beetlejuice - "The ghost with the most!" Just say Beetlejuice three times and this costume will appear... well, maybe not, but you could order one at Costume Box and I bet it's there pretty fast!
  • Belly Dancer - You've been working on those abs of steel all summer, time to show 'em off! And dance the night away with a pair of finger cymbals and your hot new Belly Dancer pants!
  • Betty Boop - Boop, boop, e-doop! The clear-eyed cartoon costume will make you the cutest one in the room!
  • Betty Rubble -You can find a heap of Betty Rubble costumes, but this one is a great play on the famous Flintstones character. Grab Barney and Bam Bam and you're ready for a night out of the cave.
  • Big Pimpin' - Purple and zebra should never be seen, unless they're in the washing machine! Phooey! The louder the better! Get out your bling and your pimp stick, it's time to show 'em how it's done!
  • Bimbo - This Wet T-shirt Contest costume is a great laugh, complete with foam breasts, t-shirt and sash, you'll have them laughing at your feet!
  • Blonde - Gentlemen prefer blondes! Head out as the most famous blonde of them all in this Marilyn costume.
  • Black and Blue - Slip into a full-body Morphsuit in either black or blue, or pair up with a mate for a great couples costume. These head to toe suits are easy to see out of and even drink through!
  • Black Swan - This lady like Black Swan costume is perfect for dressing up fancy! For an extra twist you can act like a complete creep Natalie Portman style!
  • Black Cat - The purrfect costume for animal themes, cartoon themes (Sylvester!) or a Letter A, B or C party (alley cat, black cat, cat).
  • Bobby Brady - You could technically go as any of the Brady's for a Letter B party, but go for the double B with Bobby!
  • Bollywood - Tap into your inner Hollywood star Bombay style: check out these great Male and Female costumes for inspiration.
  • Boob - This one is more versatile than you think: go as that annoying neighbour you refer to as The Boob... or Michael Buble... or just a really big boob.
  • Borderline (Madonna) - Be the Queen of Pop, back in the 80's when she was just the Princess of Pop! This costume from her hit song Borderline is a great homage to Madonna's early days.
  • Boxer - Check out this great costume for women, grab your Boot Camp gloves and get Rocky on your next event.
  • Bride - This may not be your typical Bride Costume, which makes it fun to wear!
  • Beatles - Pop sensations come and go, but only one group can claim they created pop itself! Pay tribute to the British Explosion with this great Beatles Costume.
  • Buccaneer - Don't mess with this beauty, she'll have you walking the plank for looking at her wrong! If you don't have a pirate costume in your closet, what are you waiting for!
  • Bulls eye - Don't worry, those darts are Velcro, no need to have the ER on speed dial.
  • Bumble Bee -A great yellow and black dress with matching socks, a set of wings, and antennas... just bee yourself!
  • Bunny Rabbit - Make sure you fill your basket with chocolate, you'll have them eating out of your hands in this adorable bunny suit.
  • Burlesque Dancer - Step back in time with this daring burlesque outfit.
  • Batman / Batgirl - Caped crusaders always make for a good costume! On their own or as a couples costume, Batman and Batgirl are sure to save the night!