Feb 9, 2011

Cop and Robber Costumes with Sex Appeal

Dressing up as a police officer can be a great costume idea. For those looking to do it with a bit of flair, we've got you covered. If you don't wear a uniform every day for work, it can make for a fun theme, and adding a few accessories will make you stand out in the crowd. Whether you choose to be a good guy or a bad guy, you'll have a steal of a time dressing up in these sexy costumes!

This General knows what she likes, and I'd do what she says or things might not go in your favour! The General comes complete with a cotton/spandex grey dress with red and black trim, a silver medal, and hat. The hem line is definitely for the adventurous. Pair it up with a pair of hot pants or leggings, and leather boots. A wig can add an element of surprise for your friends if you have shorter hair or a different colour, check out the selection on offer at Costume Box.

Going to prison never looked so good! The Doin' Hard Time Costume makes robbery look sexy, until you get caught at least!  This stretch knit dress has silver foils accentuating the pattern on it, and has a lace trim to keep it feminine. Chain link garters, with matching necklace and wrist cuffs are included. A pair of the Buckle Boots from Costume Box or black heels will top it all off.

Is she a good or bad cop? We think maybe a little bit of both!  This costume has it all, shiny dress with two-way zipper on front, matching Bolero jacket, and shirt collar with neck tie. It even comes with some spy goodies: a walkie-talkie, ear piece, and leg garter with removable badge. Add some killer boots to this outfit and take down the bad guys.

A great twist on the Roaring 20's, this female version of a gangster outfit will have the good guys shaking in their boots! The vest for this costume is a stretch satin with a removable under wire. An adjustable matching skirt with side zip, hat, garter, and French wrist cuffs are all included. Dress it up with a pair of fence net stockings and heels. 

The ultimate accessory? Dress your man up as a cop and keep him chasing you all night long. Don't forget the shades and a pair of legit looking handcuffs! 

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