Feb 9, 2011

Blood Thirsty Vampire Costumes: Sexy Edition

Vampires used to be so.... well, lame and creepy! But the arrival of the Cullen Family and other such sexy vamps featured in movies and TV series like Twilight, True Blood, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have breathed life (irony?) back into the blood sucking demons popularity. And really, if there was a folkloric being out there ready for a makeover, could you thinking of anyone more deserving?

There are tons of great Vampire Costumes on tap at Costume Box to check out. Everything from the traditional black cape and widows peak hairstyle, to the modern day Vampiress with short dress and thigh highs. Get in the spirit with this sampler:

Fang Bangin Fun Vamp
Vampire Fairy
Fang Bangin Fun Vamp Men
Fang Bangin Fun Vamp Plus

Don't think a black cape is all it takes to be a vampire these days. Even The Count on Sesame Street had a bit of style. Whether you are going traditional or getting frisky, here are a few things that should be on your must have list.

1. Coffin Clutch. All the cool Vampires are carrying purses this season. This coffin shaped clutch will dress up your look, with room to store your cards for the night. 2. Vampire Contact Lenses. These contacts are non-prescription and coloured red to give you a frightening appearance. Sure to put terror into all your victims, the best part is, they're reusable! 3. Vampire Stake. Of course, if you are dressing up as a Vamp you probably don't want to run into one of these, but good to have on hand in case things get out of control! 4. Sexy Bite Fangs. Designed by a dentist, these reusable fangs actually mold to your real teeth so you can talk and drink with them in. They come in different sizes to fit you perfectly. 5. Spray Blood. This great stuff comes in a variety of sizes, but the spray version is good for getting authentic looking splatter marks on things. Highly recommended for any gruesome affair.


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