Feb 10, 2011

The Best Sexy Pirate Costumes for Women

What's not to like about dressing up in a Pirate Costume? You get to wear an eye patch, a hat, and carry a sword... and talk like a truck driver all night! Don't wait for International Talk Like A Pirate Day to channel your inner-pirate, make this your next costume party outfit!

Here are our top picks from Costume Box. There are some great plays on the traditional Pirate Costume here, with something for everyone. Climb aboard and bring along yer mates!


A sword and eye patch are mandatory for any pirate costume. Check out the Caribbean Pirate Set at Costume Box, it comes complete with a hook, eye patch, earring and sword. If you like to carry your bounty with you, make sure and grab one of these Pirate Chest Purses, shaped like a treasure chest with loads of room. If black is more your style, this Black Eye Patch may be just what you need to complete your costume, and no legit pirate has
a good set of teeth: grab a set of Pirate Teeth and get into character!

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