Jan 22, 2011

Buck's Party Do's & Don'ts

Being put in charge of your mates Buck's Party is a massive responsibility. You have been recruited to plan his last night-out with the boys before tying the knot...so it better be a good one! But, not too good, if you know what I mean!

So how do you keep the mob entertained and create memories to last a lifetime without things ending up like the movie The Hangover?

Follow our easy list of Do's and Don'ts and you'll be right:

  • Do have a plan. Telling the boys to meet somewhere and "we'll figure it out from there" is a recipe for every other night out, not your mates last night as a free man! Include an activity at the start to get people mixing - you might have mates and family that haven't met before. Of course drinks, a spot of food, and a few antics should be in the plan as well. Check out our Party Ideas blog or the list below.
  • Do make sure everyone is in the loop. Get a guest list from the Buck, and make sure the Hen gets in on it - they'll likely have people you don't know to include. Get every one's email address and send out reminders and updates for the party. Make an event on facebook, it's easy and updates everyone at the same time.
  • Do tailor the night to the groom. Buck's Night's have become a bit of a cliche, and scenes of blokes parading from pub to pub dressed as Dame Edna are a dime-a-dozen these days. But, this might not be for everyone. If getting loose in public isn't up your mates alley, think of something more low-key he might appreciate that still gets the guys together for some fun: poker night, a weekend wakeboard lesson with the crew, or... just get loose in public!
  • Do make your mate the centre of attention. Despite what he says about not wanting to be the centre of attention, he's the centre of attention! Be sure that no matter where you go, he stands out as the guest of honour. You don't have to make him wear a Borat mankini, but give him something to identify him as the groom since this is his last chance to talk to girls with a clear conscience. Check out the costume suggestions here for ideas, ranging from mellow to somewhat offensive.
  • Do get great photos. Make sure to capture the evening with some group photos, pics of activities, and shots of the Buck with each of the guests. Do it earlier in the night before you get caught up in the moment and forget about it.

    • Don't plan the party for the night before the wedding. You have no idea how many marriages have started off on shaky grounds from not abiding by this rule. The last thing anyone wants is the groom showing up late or tired from a big night out. Plan it a few weeks out, the last couple weeks before the wedding will be hectic enough and we want the groom relaxed when he shows up in his monkey suit.
    • Don't exclude older family members or friends. If you are planning something that might be a bit fast-paced for Gramps or Uncle Tony, include something more their speed to start the party, and give them an escape route before the bungee jumping or pub crawl starts.
    • Don't let your mates post anything sketchy online. The last thing you want is the bride pulling the plug on the night (or worse) for something that could easily be explained away. In this day and age of real time photo posts, a picture viewed in the wrong context can go viral in minutes. Put someone in charge of photos for the night and let everyone know they'll be available online or by email so they can leave their phones in their pockets.
    • Don't forget to have fun! It might seem a bit overwhelming to be in charge of the event, but you're the only one that will know if things aren't going to schedule, so roll with it and enjoy the night! 

      There are plenty of choices for dressing up for the night. Get the whole crew into character with a group costume theme, or just make the Buck stand out like a sore thumb!  

      Check out our costume idea lists here:

      - Buck's Night Costume Ideas

      - Morphsuit Costume Ideas

      - Funny Costume Ideas

      - TV & Movie Costume Ideas

      No matter what you do, it's going to be a blast. Getting a bunch of mates together to celebrate the end of an era is bound to be fun. Doing the usual pub crawl and dancers can be a great time, but there are heaps of things you can do to make this a day for your Buck to remember. Here's our top 10 Buck's Party Ideas:
      1. Sporting Event. A one day test match, the races, or a footy match can make for a good time. Group rates are usually available and there is always something on somewhere.
      2. Poker Night. Hit up the casino for the night, or host a casino night at someones house or a private room at a club or bar. Hire tables and equipment, maybe a few dealers to run the tables!
      3. Adrenaline Fix. Bungee jumping, wakeboarding, rally car driving... the list is endless and there are a ton of tour operators out there that cater to Bucks groups. Check out this link for activities and bookings in your area.
      4. Concerts. Check out if any shows are coming up that might rock your Buck's socks off. Nothing like starting off the night throwing a few devils fingers in the air at a concert before heading out on the town.
      5. Golf Day. Driving golf carts around, drinking beers, and smashing balls. Book it!
      6. Booze Cruise or House boating. There are a ton of evening licensed boat cruises if you are near a major water-way, just Google cruises in your area. If you have a few days, look into booking a houseboat on the Murray or longer cruise, like these amazing Kimberly to Ocean luxury cruises.
      7. Road Trip. Get in the car and go! Hire a beach house and bring the surfboards, book a campground where you can make a bit of noise without annoying anyone, or hit up a resort where you can chill out and let loose without interruption. Need some help or inspiration? Check out Australian Road Trips.
      8. Backyard BBQ. It may sound like any other weekend, but if you don't have the resources or time to get away, just getting the boys together and banning the ladies from the house for an afternoon or evening can make for a good time. 
      9. Fishing Charter. Take to the waters and catch your dinner. There is no better excuse to stand around with a beer than fishing, and chances are you are pretty close to the coast: let these guys help.
      10. Party Bus. Let someone else do the driving so you can focus on the important stuff! The boys at Pub Trek have got it down to a science!

        Buck's Party Planners and Help:
         P.S. HAVE A GOOD TIME, BUT DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN! The Hangover, 2009

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