Jan 31, 2011

4 Essentials for Your 80's Madonna Costume

She started it all with her arrival on the music scene in 1982, so you might as well honour the Queen of Pop at your next 80's theme party by copying the look perfected by Madonna. If you need some inspiration, almost all of Madonna's videos are available on YouTube, and will get you in the mood as well as give you tons of ideas for your outfit. Check out Costume Box online for heaps of Madonna and other 80's costumes as well.


1. THE HAIR: You are going to need hairspray, lots and lots of hairspray. Gel and mousse will do as well. As long as you get it big and feathered. High pony tails to the side of your head, a Mohawk, or some coloured streaks - preferably neon - will go a long way for your look. Madonna was big on using ribbons to tie up her hair as well. Punk meets girly. 

2. THE MAKEUP: Remember the first time you put on makeup? You probably went overboard, right? That's the look you want here. Paint it on, and accentuate the cheekbones and eyes with dark, dramatic colours like green, blue and purple.

    3. THE JEWELRY: Like the makeup, go over the top. Thinking of a couple bracelets? Add another dozen, seriously! Madonna was famous for her religious references in songs, videos, and her clothing. Be sure to add crucifixes in the form of earrings or necklaces. Layer up with multiple chains, and don't forget the infamous "Boy Toy" belt buckle!

    4. THE CLOTHES: Mix and mash, that's the look. Think glamour meets hobo! Dresses with leggings underneath, gloves with the fingers cut out, mesh, lace, and ribbons. It's all about riding the fine-line between lady-like and punk. Show your mid-drift and don't be afraid to offend, Madonna never was!

    Need ideas for your next 1980's costume? 

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