Dec 9, 2010

Laugh Out Loud Funny Costumes

The words "costume party" or "fancy dress" can bring out the inner-child in all of us. We love the chance to break away from the boring mold of daily life, get creative, and come up with the perfect idea for a dress-up party.

And why not? Dressing up like your favourite superhero, villain, or historical figure can be alot of fun. But every once in a while you feel the urge to push the limits, just a little bit... or maybe alot! Here are a few costume ideas that range from cute to crude, depending on your idea of funny! They all made me laugh out loud anyway.

Funny Costumes
These costumes are good for a chuckle, and definitely on the tamer side if you happen to be going to a party with kids, your boss, or in case "keg-stands" aren't part of your vocabulary. This King Kong hand wrap-around is great, especially if you have an ape in tow. The hand is padded, yet lightweight and adjustable, and comes complete with the damsels dress. The Nerd Kit will get people laughing, but only if you're not a nerd to begin with - so maybe stay clear if you aren't sure. A great couples costume is the Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Don't forget to floss!

Morphsuits can be funny for dress-up, especially if you go for one of the animal prints, or accessorize it. Enjoy being anonymous under the shield of the Morphsuit and let loose! Check out our Morphsuit Costume Ideas blog entry for more. The Thank You Father includes an inflatable stomach, funny on a woman or a bloke. And who can resist Sponge Bob, especially with a short skirt!
King Kong Hand
Nerd Kit Costume
Nerd Kit
Toothbrush Costume
Toothpaste Costume

Leopard Morphsuit
Thank You Father Costume
Thank You Father!
Sponge Bob Costume
Sponge Bob

Inflatable Costumes
These inflatable costumes from Airblown® are good, clean fun. Each costume comes with a battery pack and self-inflating fan - don't be scared off by the thought of head rushes from blowing it up yourself! The Highlander has a definite Fat Bastard air to it [insert fart joke here]. It's a one-piece suit, complete with kilt, boots, sash, and a tam with hair. Everyone will be looking to wrestle you in this Sumo Suit with wig. The best part of this suit is that you can eat as much as you want, it's all part of getting into character, right? Grapes beware!
Highlander Inflatable Costume
Sumo Suit Costume
Sumo Suit
Inflatable Grape Costume
Bunch of Grapes

Boozy Costumes
If you're not afraid of being the center of attention, or you are and it's time to break out of the box, these costumes might be your drink of choice for the night! The Vodka Bottle has 'yes, I'll have another' written all over it (not literally). A lightweight vodka bottle that fits comfortably over your own clothes. Beer Man makes Superman look like a bit of a bore: would you rather have the power of producing a 6-pack or leap a building, duh! Beer Keg is no wilting flower either... don the keg and watch your social network grow! Of course Fat Elvis was probably alot more fun than his skinner self with so much more to shake, rattle and roll! This padded suit will have you reaching for the bottle, I mean microphone, all night!

Vodka Bottle Costume
Vodka Bottle
Beer Man Costume
Beer Man
Beer Keg Costume
Beer Keg
Fat Elvis Costume
Fat Elvis

Don't Bring Home to Mum
Call the baby sitter, put the kids to bed, and break out your alter ego! The Rehab Kit comes with an 'Amy' wig, tattoos, rehab certificate, and burn marks for your skin. Just add gin! You'll be busting out as the Wet T-shirt Contest Winner: padded, uhm, you know, t-shirt, and sash will have everyone voting you 1st place! Of course Anita Waxin is always a crowd pleaser too. Match it up with the Anita Touch-Up Wig and you'll be as hot as a bloke in a tutu: yep, we got that covered here too! This one doesn't come with a guarantee, but the Get Leid costume is sure to Get Laughs! Grass skirt, head band, tank top, and a couple of Leis to get you started. Everyone needs a hero, why not choose Super Sperm? This cushioned one-piece suit is guaranteed to spruce up your Facebook page pics. And then there was Giant B00B. Enough said!

Amy Rehab Costume Kit
Amy Rehab Kit
Wet Tshirt Costume
Wet T-Shirt Contest
Anita Waxin Costume
Anita Waxin'
Mens Tutu Costume
Men's Tutu
Get Leid Costume
Get Leid
Super Sperm Costume
Super Sperm

Giant Boob Costume
Giant B00B

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