Mar 25, 2011

80s Theme Party: Get Rad

It's hard to believe the 80's started over 30 years ago! This was a decade of decadence, with prosperity at an all time high and the focus on having a good time while looking good doing it. Hair was big, clothes were bright, and MTV was bringing pop idols right into your living room for the first time!

If you lived through it once already, it's been long enough for a renaissance! If you missed out, this makes for a totally awesome retro party idea! Follow our tips for Decorating, Music, Costumes, Food, and more...

  • Use cassette tapes (a staple of the 80's) and make your own invitations! Print off the party info or write it on using a sticker template like this one, and send it out to your guests.
  • Zazzle has a great range of 80's party invitations, check them out online.
  • Make a facebook invitation and use lots of photos to set the tone to encourage your guests to dress up.
  • Tell your guests to leave their iPhone at home, the only mobiles in the 80's were bricks!

Making over your space to look like the 1980's is easier than you think! The best way to set the tone without picking up a bunch of furniture you don't want, is to clear out the rooms you are going to use and covering the walls with loads of 80's memorabilia. 
  • Over decorate with bright and opposing colours. The main 80's colours you are after are brights and neons, use solid contrasting tablecloths, balloons, and streamers - all big in the 80's - to set the scene. Check out Cracker Box for a good selection of colours at a reasonable price, delivered right to your door.
  • Hang movie posters. Dig up some 80's movie posters online, Poster World is a good place to look. They have everything from Ghostbusters to E.T. covered. 
  • Display album covers. Records were on the way out in the 80's, but they were still popular and easy to come by. Dig out your collection, or hit up the Salvation Army store and see what you can find.
  • Retro toys and games. Leave out some of the fads most equated with the decade - Rubik's Cube, Simon Says, Cabbage Patch Kids, oh heck, might as well get out your Masters of the Universe action figures out too!

When you consider all the fashion trends of the eighties, movie characters, musicians, and other celebrities, there are literally thousands of costumes you can choose from. We've sorted a few of our favourites into the blog posts below...

It all depends on your genre of choice here, but every 80's party should support the classics - check out VH1's Top 100 songs from the 1980's. Making your 80's party music themed is always fun too, encourage your guests to dress up as different genres of music - pop, hip hop, metal, glam rock, alternative, punk - and bring their favourite play list along. Everybody Wang Chung tonight!

Check out our blog on 80's Theme Party Music Ideas here.

Don't mess around with food too much, it's the 80's, it's a party: order some pizza's and make some delicious sweet treats for later when the first sugar rush from all those colourful 80's drinks runs out... these were the days before Red Bull, Monster, and V!
80's Drinks:
Long Island Iced Tea, Mai Thais, Blue Lagoon's, and wine coolers were hot. Anything that had an un-natural colouring to it, was served in a tall glass, or seemed like something they'd drink on The Love Boat

Check out the decorated cookie blog, some great 80's arcade themed items that will add to your ambiance as well as taste great going down. Their blog has great instructions on how to make them, step by step!

Suite 106 Cupcakery has some delicious and creative cupcakes worth checking out: Pac Man, Rubik's Cubes, and Cassette Tapes never looked so tasty!

A little inspiration from the 1988 classic, Cocktail


Rubik's Cube Contest:
Challenge your guests to solve the fad game of the decade. Can you beat the world record?

Trivial Pursuit:
The biggest game of the 80's is so retro, it now has it's on edition. Test your knowledge of movies, music, politics and geography to collect pieces of pie. Mmmm... pie.

Video Games: 
Break out the Atari, Nintendo, or download some of the classic 80's arcade games to your PC and have a video game challenge. If you are feeling hard core, buy a cool table top video game!

Play 80's Movies
Throw on some classic 80's movies. Find a VHS player to use - it will definitely add to your decor and make for authentic movie watching! Don't forget: be kind, rewind.


Check out The 80's are Back at the Powerhouse Museum during March, 2011.

Looking for more Costume Ideas?

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