Nov 16, 2010

Top Morphsuit Costume Ideas

Add an element of intrigue to your next fancy dress party - go in a Morphsuit! The full-body Lycra suits make for a great starting point for any group or individual costume and will keep people guessing who's in there! Don't worry, you can still see and even drink through the lightweight material.

Crayons - A good group costume is to get all your mates to choose a different colour of Morphsuit. Make pointy caps out of coloured construction paper to match your coloured suit and throw a 'Crayola' logo in black on your chest to complete the look. You can do this by cutting a stencil of the word out of black construction paper if you don't want to write on your Morphsuit permanently.

007 / James Bond - Definitely a favourite around here, the Tuxedo Morphsuit is perfect for any dress-up occasion. No jacket required, this one comes with a black tie motif screened right onto it!

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas - Check out this awesome Santa Morpsuit! Dig up a Grinch mask and you'll be the hit of the office Christmas party this year!

Smurfs - Add a white beanie and white pants to a blue Morphsuit for a quick and easy Smurf costume. This can also work for a group costume with multiple Smurfs and a Papa Smurf sporting a red beanie and pants. No messy blue body paint to clean off your sheets the next morning!

Hippy Morph - Get into the spirit of peace, love and happiness with this groovy Tie Dye Morphsuit. This one is right at home at a 60s themed party, a music festival, or just about anywhere you want to stand out in the crowd.

Skeleton - This uber cool Skeleton Bones Morphsuit is sure to be a hit for Halloween or any costume party. Wear it under another costume for a mid-party costume change! It comes in white-on-black or black-on white! Can't wait for the glow in the dark version to come out!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Start with four green morphsuits. Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello were all characterized by having different coloured wrist, arm, knee and eye bands tied on - so get some red, blue, purple and orange fabric to cut up and tie around you. (Be sure to cut holes for your eyes!) Take some brown cardboard and cut out turtle shells for your stomach and back and attach over your shoulders and around waist with string. Cowabunga!

Cowboy - Pick a solid coloured Morphsuit and accessorize it with a cowboy hat, gun and holster, cowboy boots, and a red bandana around your neck. Retro and avante garde at the same time.

United Nations - Morphsuit has a massive range of flags from around the world! Get into the Olympic spirit and represent your country or celebrate a national day of pride in one!

Patterns - These cool prints are a fun starting point for a costume, or great on their own. The Spot Morphsuit is a black suit with white dots all over it. And the Check Morphsuit is a black and white checkerboard. Awesome!

Devil - Get a devils tail, horns and a pitchfork to make your red Morphsuit into a devil. Maybe a red cape too if that's your thing.

Green Witch - Tired of those traditional Wizard of Oz witch costumes? Want to mix things up for Halloween? This Green Witch Morphsuit is a cool green suit with black witches robe print and green and black stockings. Just add a witches hat and broom, and you'll be the coolest witch in any direction.

Silver Surfer - All you need is a Silver Morphsuit and a surfboard. Easy, and you'll be ready to grab a few waves if you happen to wake up on the beach from your party the next morning!

Banana's In Pajamas - Take your Yellow Morphsuit, add a pair of blue and white striped PJ's and you've got yourself a costume!

Safari - Everyone loves leopards and zebras! Go for a safari theme with any of these prints and get ready to party like an animal!

There are no limits with Morphsuits, so go nuts! If you have any photos of your Morphsuit costume, post a link to your pics for us to check out!

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  1. Check out this great Santa Morphsuit...
    Amazing what you can do with a red Morphsuit and a little white fun-fur!!/photo.php?fbid=235418138254&set=a.90915863254.107525.87481778254

  2. Here's another Santa...!/photo.php?fbid=498808238254&set=a.472726268254.282314.87481778254

  3. I Would like to see a designer make a letter ( q )
    as a suite colours could be only two to limited and you may have rights over the design bye putting the letter on one colour back ground like say torques green and the letter q on another back ground colour like yellow